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St John’s Gospel Posters

Come and See with John through this visual representation of his Gospel. Discover how John ‘sees’ Christ from another perspective and in a different style of language. More >

Our Lady in Scripture Posters

Share the key Bible verses about Mary with our free posters. More >


Check out our posters for Lent, Easter and Pentecost here. More >

Run your own Noah Day!

Download our free collective worship plans and other resources for primary and secondary schools here. More >

The Bible and Sacraments

Use these resources to explore the seven Sacraments and their Biblical basis. More >

Primary Collective Worship Resources

We have created 12 Collective Worship session plans (plus handouts) to help engage primary school children with the Scriptures. More >

Open the Book

Bible Society's programme of sharing Bible stories in primary school assemblies. More >