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Inspiration to deepen our faith and our love of Scripture through Art.

Here you will find our films of Cardinal Nichols alongside three incredible works of art at the National Gallery. We also share information about our official artist Pete Codling, various articles on art, and links to art projects taking place across our dioceses.

Why not enrich your spiritual journey by visiting the National Gallery online and discover just how many paintings focus on the Bible and Bible stories?

Art projects across the dioceses:

  • The Archdiocese of Birmingham invites you to reflect on St Matthew’s Gospel with a weekly meditation by Fr Dries van den Akker SJ on the unique paintings of Catholic artist Peter Clare. You can find these weekly meditations here:
  • The Diocese of Leeds invites you to listen along with them to their podcast series: A History of the Word in 12 Objects – listen here
Our Artist

We’re delighted to have commissioned Pete Codling as our artist for 'The God Who Speaks'.

Alchemy for the Masses

Why we need art in this pandemic by Fleur Dorrell.

Film: Saints Jerome and John the Baptist

Cardinal Vincent Nichols offers his reflections on this painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Masaccio titled 'Saints Jerome and John the Baptist'.

Film: The Nativity at Night

Cardinal Vincent Nichols offers his reflections on this painting by Dutch artist Geertgen tot Sint Jans titled 'The Nativity at Night'.

Film: The Incredulity of Saint Thomas

Cardinal Vincent Nichols offers his reflections on this painting by the Italian artist Giovanni Battista Cima da Conegliano titled 'The Incredulity of Saint Thomas'.

Believing is Seeing: reconciling Caravaggio’s ‘Supper at Emmaus’ paintings

Fleur Dorrell explores how Caravaggio uses symbol and revelation in his two paintings portraying the Supper at Emmaus.

The Art of Stained Glass Scripture

Lo & Behold is a digital art project that uses unique art pieces found in Catholic churches and cathedrals across the UK to share the stories of the Bible.

Christian Art

For 2,000 years, art has played a major role in spreading the Good News. God has not just spoken to us in words, but also in images. Patrick van der Vorst is the founder of Christian Art which offers a daily reflection on the Gospel reading accompanied by art. In this article he explores the importance of art throughout the ages.