The Bible inspires learning, culture, art, music and literature. With a renewed love of Scripture comes the opportunity and desire to share it with others.

Heroes & Villains

There are many pairings of 'heroes’ and ‘villains’ in the Bible, where it isn’t hard to see whose side to be on. What do you think sets our ‘heroes’ apart? More >

How to Read the Bible

We've put together 10 key points to help you enjoy Scripture. More >

Audio St Matthew’s Gospel

The birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ according to St Matthew. More >


Resources to encourage conversation. More >

Bible stories to fire a child’s imagination

Eleanor Lalley shares her experience of reading the Bible as a child and her desire to spark that enthusiasm in her own children. More >

Being The Domestic Church

Encouragement for families. More >

Open the Book

Bible Society's programme of sharing Bible stories in primary school assemblies. More >

Primary Schools

Activity sheets, Scripture tools and resources to help nurture faith in our schools. More >

Fashion Influencers

Our list of men and women in the Bible who ‘wore it best’. More >

Pop Culture Playlist

Many artists in popular culture have used Christian religious imagery in their lyrics. We've picked out our Top Ten examples of this. More >

St Matthew’s Gospel Posters

Use our Matthew Poster and follow the Gospel trail. More >

St Matthew’s Gospel

The gospel of St Matthew presents the whole life of Jesus from childhood to the cross and beyond. More >

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