Everyday Matthew – you didn’t know you knew

Fr Joseph O’Hanlon, a priest of the Nottingham Diocese, takes us through the Gospel of St Matthew to reveal a surprising number of quotes we use in our daily lives.

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Fr Joseph O’Hanlon

So you’ve not read St Matthew’s Gospel? Then how come you quote from it every day? If you have ears to hear (11:15), check out this lot – every one from Matthew.

Not fit to carry his boots (Matthew 3:11)

The salt of the earth (Mt 5:13)

Go the extra mile (Mt 5:41)

Don’t let your left hand know what the right is doing (Mt 6:3)

You can’t serve two masters (Mt 6:24)

Here today, gone tomorrow (Mt 6:30)

Don’t cast pearls before swine (Mt 7:6)

The narrow gate (Mt 7:14)

Like wolves in sheep’s clothing (Mt 7:15)

By their fruits you’ll know them (Mt 7:20)

A house built on sand (Mt 7:26)

Like sheep among wolves (Mt 10:16)

He who has ears to hear (Mt 11:15)

He who’s not with me is against me (Mt 12:30)

There’ll be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Mt 13:42)

The blind leading the blind (Mt 15:14)

A millstone around his neck (Mt 18:6)

The eleventh hour (Mt 20:6)

The chosen few (Mt 20:16)

Practise what you preach (Mt 23:3)

Burning the midnight oil (Mt 25:6)

Separate the sheep from the goats (Mt 25:32)

He washed his hands of it (Mt 27:24)

Fr Joseph O’Hanlon is a retired priest of the Nottingham Diocese and former Director of the International Franciscan Study Centre in Canterbury. His books include The Jesus Who Was, The Jesus Who Is, The Dance of the Merrymaker, Mark My Word, Beginning the Bible and Walk One Hour. Fr Joseph has a lifetime of experience teaching the Bible and a passion for communicating scholarship to adult Christians.