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Very little is known about St Matthew, except that he was the son of Alpheus, and he was probably born in Galilee.

He was a tax collector (a hated profession during the time of Christ), when Christ came to him and asked him to follow him. Matthew got up and followed him and, with that, he became a disciple of Christ.

Matthew presents the teaching of Jesus with a sense of order, completeness and balance. His central focus is on making Jesus’ words and action stand out clearly. His concern was that Jewish and Gentile Christians live together as a Church where all share in bringing the Gospel of the Kingdom to all people.

The Gospel account of Matthew is the first of the three synoptic Gospels; it tells a similar story to the other two synoptic Gospels – and that convinces scholars of its authenticity. It is believed that many years following the death of Christ, around 41 and 50 AD, Matthew wrote his Gospel. According to early tradition he wrote the book in Aramaic in the hope that his account would convince his readers that Jesus was the Messiah and that his Kingdom had been fulfilled in a spiritual way. This was significant at a time when almost everyone was expecting the return of a more militant and violent messiah brandishing a sword.