Check out our posters for Lent, Easter and Pentecost here.

What is Lent? What is its purpose? What can’t you eat during lent?

What happens on Ash Wednesday? What does the Bible say about Ash Wednesday?

What is the meaning of Holy Week?

What happened at Pentecost?

We have created a series of posters to help answer these frequently asked questions during this important season in the Church.

Ash Wednesday Poster

Share our Ash Wednesday poster in your church/school/home and learn about what happens on Ash Wednesday and why.

Lent Poster

Share our Lent poster and learn about these six weeks leading up to Easter and what happens during this time.

Family Activities for Lent Poster

Discover more about the Biblical basis for Lent and try out these activities with your family.

Holy Week Poster

Follow the events of Holy Week in the Bible with our Holy Week poster.

Dove from Above – Pentecost Poster

Colour in this beautiful dove for Pentecost, cut it out and hang it in your home or in your window. Read about what happened on the day of Pentecost in Acts 2.