Our Top Ten Animals in the Bible

What's your favourite animal in the Bible? Here are ours, with the Bible passages so you can look them up!

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Where do animals feature in the Bible? What’s your favourite animal-inspired Bible passage? Help children and young people engage with the Bible in fun and relatable ways with this collection of scriptures based on animals.

The Bible is replete with animal references! From the mighty lions to the gentle doves, creatures both big and small find their place within the sacred text. Each animal holds a unique significance, teaching us valuable lessons about faith, courage, and compassion.

This carefully curated collection of Bible passages provides an invaluable resource for educators, including teachers and catechists involved in teaching Religious Education (RE) for Key Stage 2. Those leading children’s liturgy groups in parishes can find inspiration in these passages to create meaningful and engaging activities.

By sharing the Bible in creative ways we can bridge the gap between ancient texts and the young lives of primary-aged children.

The cow and the bear shall graze: Isaiah 11:6-9

Jesus is the good shepherd: John 10:14-18

Wolves in sheep’s clothing: Matthew 7:15-20

Consider the ways of the ant: Proverbs 6:6-8

Observe the times: Jeremiah 8:7

Let the fish inform you: Job 12:7-10

In the belly of the fish: Jonah 2

The lion roars: Psalm 104:20-35

The triumphal entry: Matthew 21:1-11

As a deer pants for water: Psalm 42