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Nativity Animal Paintings

No manger is complete without its donkey, ox and sheep. So here we've gathered together our favourite Nativity animal images for you to enjoy. More >

The Raven – עֹרֵב (orev); κόραξ (korax)

Richard Goode takes a closer look at the raven and its appearance both inside and outside Scripture. More >

The Deer – אַיָּל (ayyal), אַיָּלָה (ayyalah), עֹ֫פֶר (opher), יַחְמוּר (yachmur)

Richard Goode considers the important place deer held for the biblical writers and still do hold within the British psyche. More >

Biblically Wild

Richard Goode helps us to reconnect with the natural world in these articles about animals that are both familiar to us and that can be found in the Bible. More >

A Place in the Choir – Lyric Video

We LOVE this cute lyric video uploaded to YouTube... enjoy! More >

Painting the World

Fleur Dorrell explores three modern paintings that each reveal a different facet of God’s relationship with the earth. More >

The Bible, the Lion and the Desert

Sr Margaret Atkins reveals the crucial connection between the Bible, the lion and the desert. More >


What's your favourite animal in the Bible? Here are ours, with the Bible passages so you can look them up! More >