Biblically Wild

Richard Goode of Newman University helps us to reconnect with the natural world in these articles about animals that are both familiar to us and that can be found in the Bible.

The Raven – עֹרֵב (orev); κόραξ (korax)

Richard Goode takes a closer look at the raven and its appearance both inside and outside Scripture.

The Hare – אַרְנֶבֶת (arnevet)

Richard Goode explores the emotive place the hare has within biblical and post-biblical tradition.

The Deer – אַיָּל (ayyal), אַיָּלָה (ayyalah), עֹ֫פֶר (opher), יַחְמוּר (yachmur)
The Dolphin/porpoise – תַּ֫חַשׁ (tachash)

Richard Goode dives into the surprising and somewhat mysterious biblical references to the dolphin/porpoise.