Law and Mercy in the Scriptures and Today

These articles explore law and mercy in the Scriptures and in the world today. How did Jesus interpret them and what does this mean for our current values and legislation?

Jesus and the Law: The Synoptics and Acts 

Professor Susan Docherty explores Jesus’ attitude towards the Law, and to Jewish religious thought and practice more broadly. How can this provide a model for today’s church?

Mercy in the Scriptures: Memory and Transformation 

David McLoughlin explores the emergence of divine mercy throughout the Scriptures. From the Exodus to the Gospels, mercy becomes the inspiration of Christ’s life, words and deeds.

Jesus the Model of Mercy: The Open Table of God 

David McLoughlin shows us that God’s circle is a circle of inclusion. So Jesus keeps widening the circle because his mercy has no limits.

Human Dignity: What Does it Mean? 

How valuable is human dignity in the context of our lived experience? Dr. John Duddington explores what the Bible, Catholic Tradition and current legislation can teach us and defends the right to protect human dignity today.

Human Rights: Do We Need Them? 

Dr. John Duddington argues that our human rights derive from biblical principles and language. As they’ve always been part of the Christian message, these rights demand to be promoted as a matter of justice and to be protected from purely secular agendas.