In this new series, Fr Michael Hall, a parish priest in the Leeds Diocese, and Methodist scripture scholar, Margaret Barker, look closely at writings dating from around the time of Our Lord up to several centuries before, which did not gain a place in the Old Testament. These writings can help us immeasurably – to understand the context of the Old Testament, enable a richer understanding of Scripture and gain a sense of the milieu in which our Lord and his apostles taught.

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Fr Michael Hall introduces this exciting new series; exploring around and beyond the Canon.

Where God meets humanity: Jesus, Son of God and King of Israel

Fr Michael Hall explores St John’s Gospel and how extra-biblical material helps our understanding of it, particularly as we consider the role that the Temple plays in this gospel.

A river runs through it: waters of life in John’s Gospel

In this third article Fr Michael looks at key texts in the fourth gospel to show us how Jesus uses such a primeval element to show us the true way of salvation.

Clothed in White Robes

In this article, Fr Michael shares his insight into Scripture's apocalyptic literature and why you should read them.

Luke and the Open Heaven

The "apocalyptic" strand of St Luke's writings is fascinating yet frequently forgotten. Fr Michael Hall dazzles us with heavenly visions and dramatic encounters. He explains how Luke’s Gospel and Acts were rooted in Temple hopes as well as future dreams.